We serve the fogfarmers 

​The research and installation of fogfarms started in spring 2013 and continues until this day because of: 

  • Team Work: We work directly with local fogfarmers for a permanent change. 

  • Continuous Innovation: We improve on our concept every year. We work hard to meet our goals and see more people get inspired.

  • Sharing Knowledge: We bring together fogfarmers, investors and volunteers to create sustainable solutions for water together.

  • Big Dreams: We envision serving thousands of fogfarm families. Where knowlegde is shared freely and sustainable improvement is our communal goal.

Invest in sustainable change

A big thank you to our proud partners! Our work would be impossible without their steady support these last years. We hope our work makes them proud to be partnering with us. 


Working together with our foundation means working towards great impact wherever we touch society.  

If you're interested to support our goals and partner up, please email info@creatingwater.nl and we will respond within a few days.


Our Team


The Creating Water team works voluntarily on the projects we execute in Holland and Peru. Because we work on the projects personally we are able to educate the local community and guard the project quality. To deliver this quality, we need an awesome team! Without the passion, sacrifice and hard work nothing you see here would have been possible!

Meet our team and feel free to reach out to us!

Neal Willard


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Daniel Meeboer


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Guido Martin


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Marcia Uijtdehaage

Graphic Artist

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Pim Elffrich

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