Support the movement

Thank you for giving to our foundation!

We work very hard to make sure that we have as much impact as we can with this beautiful solution! 
We are 100% transparant and can vouch for
every euro that is given. 


The Creating Water Foundation believes in simple solutions for complex problems and we constantly work to improve our cost-effectiveness.

In Peru, a small donation is worth so much more! We can provide a family with safe water for a whole year for around 30 US dollar.


Just $15 per month can cover the the access to safe water for 5 families - with over 15 children - for an entire year. Your donations go a long way!

Donations are fully tax-deductible (ANBI-status, RSIN 852785562), your information is completely secure and will never be shared with anyone else.

Partners in sustainable change

Thanks to our proud partners! Our work would be impossible without their support. We work hard to complete our communal values and do great things everywhere we go!


Working together with our team, means working towards sustainable improvement of water access in areas with extreme poverty. 

If interested, please email and we will respond within one week.