9000 liters of water captured per day!

Peru is our first country of operation and Lima serves as our proof of concept. The climate in Lima is very good for this solution and problems with water are huge. 

The research and installation of fogfarms started in spring 2013 and continues until this day! 

In Lima, one out of every five families doesn't have access to safe drinking water! Creating Water worked together with almost 500 families on the installation of 60 fogcatchers. Together they're creating around 6000 liters per day! 

The families we work with, start to improve their lives by building their own fogfarm. We support them by financing materials for the farms, ​training on fogfarm technology, urban agriculture and water utilization. 

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Villa Maria del Triunfo

The project is located in Villa Maria del Triunfo, a shanty district on the outskirts of Lima.


An estimated 400.000 people live in this area and 72,000 (35%) inhabitants lack acces to safe water. They get their water delivered by watertrucks, which comes with many issues.

This water is 10 times the price of regular tapwater in Lima and not even safe to drink! Nicely said, a big impact on the health and income of these families.

Within five years Creating Water Foundation plans to achieve the construction of 800 fogcatchers in Lima.


Creating opportunity and clean drinking water for 10.000 people!



Active fog catchers in action


Liters of water harvested per day from fog


Families in our community who need water

The climate here in Lima is ideal for the fogcatchers to capture great amounts of water for a long period of the year. (around 8 months)

What makes fogcatchers work optimally in Lima:


  • Very high relative humidity, frequently in the 95-100% range.

  • Steady wind coming from sea in one general direction. 

  • Long periods of thick fog coming from the ocean.

  • Altitude of 900m above sea level. (Often seems to be the right altitude where the fog 'rests'. 

Because of these great circumstances we have captured up to 300-400 liters a day with one fogcatcher!

We will always innovate and improve on our design and construction methods where possible to increase efficiency.

Urban farming

Besides helping to solve the drinking water problems of the community, we always try to create as much opportunity and possibilities as we can!

We are putting every liter of water to work.


We did this by introducing urban agriculture in the community and growing the production of organic fruits and vegetables while keeping water consumption to a minimum. 

We are making optimal use of all the small free lots we have available in the community to create extra value. 

Horizontally and vertically; trees, bushes, berries and rootplants, we are using every inch to make the most of the space we have. 

Check out our facebook page to see updates on the urban agriculture and other news about the project.